About GLIG
Carrying century-lasting classics to serve life of customers
Business Scope
What we do
Building an internationally competitive
consumer goods and service group
Strategic Partners
In order to implement the strategic policy of “Transformation, Upgrading and Synergies”of Guangzhou Light Industry Group, Guangzhou Chemical Company and Guangzhou Lonkey Company began the“cooperative and synergistic”strategic cooperation in early 2018, which have lasted for more than a year and the cooperation keep going well.
Guangzhou Gutex Holdings Ltd attended Pure London 2019 Exhibition at Olympia London in recently. PURE London exhibition was held from 1997, organized by Ascential that is the largest trade show organizer in UK. PURE London exhibition is the place to present the high level and leading labels ,such as Pure Premier、Allure、Aspire E、Spirit. Pure London 2019 attracted about 48 countries, 500 exhibitors and over 17 thousand buyers. It is a festival of Fashion for women, men and children fashion.
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